Philosophy of Dessert

Melissa's Bakeshop is a home-based always from scratch bakery.  We believe that cakes and confections should not only be beautiful, but also taste amazing. Each item we create is made to order and is uniquely pleasing without being overwhelming. We believe sweets should leave you with a delicate and fresh flavor rather than with a stomachache or the need to visit the dentist. 

We offer an array of classic desserts while also striving to give you something new that excites your palate.  Custom menu items and flavors are something we enjoy creating for any customer. 

Philosophy of Design

Melissa's enjoys focusing on simple, elegant and classic design, done in a strikingly modern way.  

Why From Scratch? 

At Melissa's we have a firm belief that what you put into your body is important.  And that shouldn't stop when it comes to dessert. Baking from scratch helps ensure that every ingredient is not only fresh, but free from chemicals and preservatives that often accompany things like cake mixes and pre-made frostings. In addition, Melissa prefers to use naturally occurring ingredients, like cream of tartar (which you can learn more about here) rather than corn syrup, which you can learn about in the Commercial Preparation section here.  By putting fewer chemicals and more naturally occurring foods in our bodies, disease will be less likely to occur and that sick feeling that often accompanies a lifestyle filled with processed and fast foods will be minimized.

Melissa knows everything that goes into her cakes and confections. We believe in taking care of the one body we each have and wish to pass that belief and practice on to our clients.  


Melissa is a Certified Professional Food Manager (comparable to ServeSafe), and understands all rules and requirements when it comes to food safety and sanitation. 

Melissa is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, with a degree in both Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts. 

Melissa also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Life from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

Cottage Food Operation

Melissa's Bakeshop is a Cottage Food Operation under Nevada State Law. Melissa works from her home and is able to sell to the public without having a professional kitchen.  Due to some stipulations she may not be able to produce certain products. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email her and she will be happy to clear anything up.