Melissa's Kitchen

We have expanded our offerings here at Melissa's Bakeshop. We want to introduce Melissa's Kitchen!

Melissa's Kitchen came about as I spent my free time cooking with close friends. We would bring what we had in the fridge and create a meal with it. And along the way, it became a teaching opportunity. And I love teaching! And my friends were blown away by the simple techniques, cool tricks, and new understanding they gained from cooking alongside me. 

Over time, my friends were able to approach dinner time with less fear and more confidence. What a blessing! I wanted to make this knowledge available to everyone. Enter Melissa's Kitchen. Below you will find the different classes we offer and options for a variety of people. There is something for everyone. I have classes for the beginner cook who is lost in the kitchen, the amateur who wants to learn more, or the seasoned cook who wants to add to their arsenal. 


Cooking Classes for Teens

We offer classes for Teens ages 14 and up.  

Crash-Course - $150 for 4 classes, 2 hours each. This course is designed for teens who want to learn basic techniques to cook for themselves. This is a great asset for teens heading off to college. 

Cooking Lessons - $40 for a 2-hour lesson. These lessons are created on an individual basis, based on the teens existing skills and their preference of techniques to learn. These are designed more for teens who have a greater interest in cooking or want to expand their knowledge. Some teens enjoy learning and growing and take lessons for months. Great for the teen who has no interest in music lessons or sports teams!

Group Classes - Starting at $100. Group teen classes are available upon request. They are great for birthday parties. These classes are only for groups of 6 or less. 

Cooking Classes for Adults

We offer classes for Adults ages 21 and up. 

Cooking Lessons - $50 for a 2-hour lesson. These lessons are created on an individual basis. These are great for those wishing to expand their general knowledge week by week. This allows for a foundation of skills to build over time and your confidence to improve. Young and Experienced cooks alike can benefit from them improve and break a few bad habits!

Custom Cooking Lessons - $60 for 2-hour lesson. These custom lessons are more centered around the student that want to learn a particular dish or style of cooking. For regular cooking lessons, I give you a variety of options, and custom classes you are free to request what you would like to learn. 

Individual Knife Skills - $50 for 2-hour lesson. This one-on-one knife skills class will get to feeling comfortable, safe and professional with your knives. We will also cover how to keep them sharp!

Mastering Vegetable Cookery: Veggie Basics - $150 for 3 2-hour lessons.  This class I designed very specifically for the home cook who has been cooking frozen corn, canned green beans and boring broccoli for years and is need of a vegetable make-over. Vegetables are often over-looked and this class seeks to change that. I focus on teaching techniques that lend well to vegetables, elevating everyday vegetables and introducing less known, but delicious vegetables to your repertoire. See the yummy menu below. 

Veggie Basics Menu number 2.jpg

Falling for Squash - $60 for a 3 hour class

Mastering Soups: Fall and Winter, Spring and Summer - $60 for a 3 hour class, pick 5 



Mastering Meats: Chicken - $120 for a 4-hour class. This class delves deeply into butchering and understanding each part of a whole chicken. We roast a whole chicken as well as cook each piece using a different technique. We also discuss the procedure for making homemade chicken stock. Menu includes: whole roast chicken with lemon and rosemary, sauteed chicken breast with gravy, pan-fried chicken tenderloin with honey mustard, braised BBQ chicken legs, marinated grilled chicken thighs, and the option of fried buffalo wings. This class will ensure you will never have dry chicken again!

Mastering Meats: Fish - $90 for a 3-hour class. This class is a varied sampling of popular fish dishes and a variety of cooking methods. We will cover the following: battered and fried cod with tartar sauce, herb crusted red snapper, baked salmon with dill compound butter, shrimp scampi, baked tilapia in citrus vinaigrette and red snapper en pappillote. After this, your fish will always be a show-stopping meal!

Mastering Meats: Beef and Pork - Details to come. 

Perfectly Paired Sauces: An Introduction to the Mother Sauces - $60 for 2-hour class. A sauce can make or break your dish. In this class we will explore 3 of the mother sauces in a few different forms. We will learn how to perfect homemade alfredo sauce, macaroni and cheese, fresh tomato sauce and flavorful chicken gravy. 

Perfectly Paired Sauces: Intermediate Mother Sauces - $60 for 2-hour class. In this class we will cover the 2 more advanced mother sauces: hollandaise and espangnole. These two sauces pair wonderfully with fish and steak. 

Adult Cooking Classes for Groups 

Cooking for Two - $60 for a 2-hour class. This is a series that is built just for couples! A great wedding present for newlyweds or a fun date for any couple. There are two options to choose for this class: Fun and Flirty Weeknight Meals or Impressive Sunday Suppers. 

Bread, Butter and Olive Oil - $50 per person for 3-hour class, limit 6 people per event. This is a great class for a girls night out. Homemade bread is one of the best smells on earth. Learn to tackle the 12 easy steps to making delicious bread at home.  We will interactively cover three different breads: classic French baguette, white pan loaf and Italian ciabatta. We will also pair our breads with homemade butter and a tasting of oils and vinegars. 

Group Knife Skills Workshop - $50 per person for 3 hour class, limit 8 people per event. This workshop will be much more comprehensive, covering a variety of knife cuts and techniques. 

Custom Group Classes - Inquire with Melissa. 



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