Tyler and His Wish


I am so excited to share with you my experience with the Southern Nevada Make A Wish Foundation! This serendipitous connection came about in January as I was chatting with a friend. She mentioned that her husband knew someone involved with Make A Wish here in Las Vegas and they were in need of a cake for a special wish-granting celebration! I jumped at the opportunity to help not only a great organization but also one great young man, Tyler. 

Make A Wish Collage.png

Jackie, one of the volunteers at Make A Wish, called me the within a few days and we talked details. The more she shared with me, the more eager I became!  I have always enjoyed making cakes for special occasions, but this one became extra special as I learned about Tyler and his family. It became clear to me how incredible this family is and how lucky they are to have Tyler close to them and witness his angelic smile every day. 

The cake that I was happy to donate was for the celebration held before Tyler was to receive his gift. Next week, Tyler will have an amazing adventure as he has the opportunity to swim with dolphins! How wonderful!  

Once the cake was put together, I set off to deliver it to Tyler and his family. The entire drive there I was just bursting with anticipation! I was so excited to help make this day even more special for him! As soon as I knocked on the door, I heard Tyler's siblings rush to open the door. They were so excited to celebrate! And I was so overwhelmed to see how many friends and family were there to support and show their love for Tyler! He is so blessed to have so many wonderful people by his side. I was only there for a short time and was glad to help add a sweet smile to the night, but I want to acknowledge his family, and especially his parents who are the ones who make a real difference in Tyler's life. 

Once I met Tyler and his family, and the wonderful people from Make A Wish, I headed out to let them enjoy their celebration. I will be thinking of Tyler his week as he enjoys the unforgettable experience he will have with those dolphins!