Confidence in the Kitchen Cooking Classes

One of the questions we have learned to dread most in American homes is, “What is for dinner?”  Somehow over the last few decades, this lingering uncertainty that fills our afternoons has become a large source of anxiety for mothers, wives, fathers and children alike.  We have become obsessed with finding a new recipe to try that will make dinner less stressful and more delicious.  We have created a plethora of Pinterest boards full of recipes to try.  But one more recipe never quite seems to make the dent we hoped in our days and weeks full of “What’s for dinner?”

Today, I am pleased to announce my humble solution to the plague that has hit dinner tables in our neighborhoods.  I believe that a recipe alone will not curb your anxiety.  Rather, the answer lies in increased knowledge of the techniques within a recipe.  When you understand the methods behind a meal’s preparation, you have given yourself a tool to use again and again, which you can then apply to a variety of ingredients and meals.

With such a large demand for better vegetable understanding, our first topic of study for classes will be strictly vegetables!  We all know we need to eat them, and it would be much easier (and more delicious!) if we knew the best way to prepare them! 

Within our Mastering Vegetable Cookery topic, we will begin with the Veggie Basics classes. These will cover the most common vegetables we all have regularly stocked in our fridge.  This three week long course is $120 for a one on one experience. 


I believe that the best way to learn is by doing.  These classes will be one-on-one with me, and we will learn each technique together.  Because duplicating what you learn is one of the hardest things, these classes will take place in your home, where you can use your stove, your pans, and your tools.  Each class will consist of 2 hours of hands-on instruction.  For three weeks your get six hours of cooking and learning time for #120.  Please note that this cost does not include the food we will be preparing.  I will provide a grocery list and worksheet of learning materials to help better understand the techniques we will be mastering.  There is no set time for these classes – I will work with you to set a day and time that works best for you!  

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With a world (and grocery stores) full of convenience items, quick fixes and prepaid mixes, the art and skill of being a home cook has become a rare find.  But I believe that cans and boxes can be left behind if we embrace the beauty of fresh ingredients and learn the techniques that will keep on giving.  So step away from the microwave and dust off those pots and pans, because we are bringing aprons back!